No Borders

News, Analysis and Culture in Translation

No Borders is a website dedicated to international news, analysis, and culture in translation. We strive to help break down linguistic barriers between activists, authors, and artists engaged in a common struggle against global capitalism and its many disasters. The new socialist movement in the United States must develop its own internationalist policies and campaigns, and in order to do so it must expand its ability to listen and learn from the rest of the world. We will strive to produce high-quality, politically and culturally-informed English translations on the No Borders website and will provide translators for any publication, political organization, trade union, or community group upon request within the limits of our capabilities. We begin with a talented group of translators working in Spanish, French, and Portuguese. If you work in any of these languages and would like to volunteer your services, either to translate for us, or to recommend articles, interviews, or documents for translation, or if you have a request for a translation, please contact us at: