Announcing No Borders: news, analysis, and culture in translation

Uprisings and mass protests in Chile, Catalonia, Lebanon, Iraq, Hong Kong, Britain, and Haiti (to name a few) prove that all politics is not local. In fact, no local radical politics is possible without a view of the wider world. The new socialist movement, the teachers strike wave, MeToo, Trans rights, Black Lives Matter, and the fight for immigrant rights in the United States have all been met with friendship and solidarity from around the world. Organizing here in the center of world capitalism means our work affects our comrades no matter where they live, and it means understanding how their work can strengthen ours. Socialism is either international in its self-conception, or it runs the danger of collapsing into its opposite. Besides, global climate change means internationalism isn’t a choice for a twenty-first century socialism, it’s a necessity.

No Borders is a website dedicated to bringing international news, analysis, and culture in translation from around the world to the left in the United States. No Borders strives to help break down linguistic barriers between activists, authors, and artists engaged in a common struggle against global capitalism and its many disasters. The new socialist movement in the U.S. is developing its own international policies and solidarity campaigns and No Borders hopes to contribute by producing and publishing high-quality, politically and culturally-informed English translations. No Borders will begin modestly, but aims to ramp up with wider ranging translations, videos, book reviews, and interviews in the coming months as well as reprints in English and in multiple languages.

No Borders will also provide translators upon request for any publication, political organization, trade union, or community group upon request within the limits of our capabilities. If you would like to volunteer, either to translate for No Borders, or to recommend articles, interviews, or documents for translation in foreign languages, or if you have a request for a translation, please contact: editor@nobordersnews.org

Of course, there’s already a lot of great international analysis and translation in publications like Jacobin, In These Times, New Politics, NACLA, PuntoRojo, International Viewpoint and more. No Borders will aim to enrich this internationalist environment and looks forward to collaborating and sharing resources as it grow.

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