Multilingual Pick of the Week

No Borders News: Multilingual picks of the week April 12-19, 2020

Each week No Borders News recommends a few articles in world languages we didn’t have time to translate but wish we had, as well as noting noteworthy pieces in English. For those who speak multiple languages, we encourage you to send suggestions for Multilingual Picks of the Week to And for those of you who are learning a new language, working your way through political analysis and commentary not only gives you greater insights into international struggles, it’s a great way to build up your vocabulary! Political pieces are often heavy on words that are very similar in multiple languages, so don’t be intimidated. Pick out a language and spend an hour reading one article a week. After a few months, you’ll be amazed how much you can understand. 

– Todd Chretien, editor, No Borders News #translatingsolidarity


*Cinzia Arruzza and Felice Mometti – Governance and Social Conflict in a Time of Pandemic (Viewpoint magazine)

*Javiera Manzi A. and Alondra Carrillo V., translation by Bree Busk – Chile’s Feminist Revolt Continues in Lockdown (Jacobin)

*Joana Ramiro – Faced With Coronavirus, Portugal Is Treating Migrants as Citizens — We Should, Too (Jacobin)

Justin Akers Chacón — COVID-19 and Imperialism: the coming disaster and revolt (Punto Rojo)

Keeanga-Yamahtta Tayloy – The Black Plague (The New Yorker)

Jeffrey Webber – Fuera Piñero: Revolt in Chile (Spectre)


Sarah-Samya Anfis – Révolution, amour, famille… Comment de jeunes Irakiennes vivent le confinement (Middle East Eye)

Faïza Zerouala – Les étudiants infirmiers dénoncent leurs conditions de travail (Mediapart)

Alain Bihr – Covid-19. Covid-19. Trois scénarios pour explorer le champ des possibles à l’horizon de la sortie de crise (I) (A L’Encontre)

Alain Bihr – Covid-19. Trois scénarios pour explorer le champ des possibles à l’horizon de la sortie de crise (II) (A L’Encontre)

Adrienne Sala – Covid-19 : Le Japon face à l’épidémie – Gestion de crise et responsabilité civique (Europe Solidaire San Frontières)


Valeria Raimondi – Intervista con Valeria Raimondi, infermiera e poetessa in servizio a Brescia (Sinistra Anticapitalista)

Elizabeth Arquinigo Pardo – Essenziali ma invisibili (Jacobin Italia)


Valerio Arcary – O que podemos prever se tivermos mais de mil mortos por dia? (Revista Forum)

Caetano Branco – Coronavírus e desigualdades territoriais: uma contribuição geográfica (Esquerda Online)


Roberto Montoya — ¿Qué futuro le espera al ’Sandersismo’? (Viento Sur) 

Sarah-Samya Anfis – Revolución, amor, familia… Cómo algunas jóvenes iraquíes experimentan el confinamiento (Viento Sur)

Claudio Katz – Espero que la salud pública pueda triunfar sobre el capitalismo (La Haine)

Daniel Tanuro – Pandemia, capitalismo y crisis climática (Intersecciones)

Manuel Aguilar Mora – México, AMLO y el bonapartismo autista. (Correspondencia de Prensa)