DSA IC: Brazilian socialists electoral and social movement strategies (video)

Nation-wide municipal elections in Brazil dealt far-right President Jair Bolsonaro a strong rebuke. Among the results are the election of many members of Banca Feminista, a bloc of candidates for the Party for Socialism and Freedom as well as Homeless Workers Movement leader Guilherme Boulos’s surprising success getting into the second round of the São Paulo mayoral election in what is Latin America’s largest city.

Join the DSA International Committee’s Americas and Europe subcommittees for a webinar exploring the elections’ impact and potential lessons for socialists in the U.S.

Video courtesy of DSA International Committee meeting on December 15, 2020

Speakers include:

Paula Nunes is a human rights attorney and newly-elected to the São Paulo municipal council and from the Party of Socialism and Freedom and the Banca Feminista.

Aline Klein produces Rádio Jacobina and is a member of the Jacobin Brasil editorial board in São Paulo.

Bruno Magalhães is a high school teacher and union organizer and a founder of the Emancipa Popular Education Network. He is currently coordinator of the International Observatory of the Lauro Campos and Marielle Franco Foundation.

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